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    When To Stop Breastfeeding Baby, Asked a Working Mom

    Breastfeeding becomes an essential issue to most new moms as they enter the third trimester on the pregnancy. Although breast milk is the best milk for baby, many moms find other factors to be of higher priority as we live in this modern day lifestyle and expectation. The process in which mom needs to undergo to provide for baby may becomes a consideration of energy, time, money and even sanity (to some) as they plan for the months ahead. The main thing to understand is that there is no right time or age that is recommended to stop breastfeeding. It is entirely up to mom and baby at what age…

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    Hello world!

    I am Liyana Bakar a Stay-At-Home-Working-Mom of three lovely children; Luth Ari and Ali who are 5, 4 and 3 respectively. And a wife to a great man for 6 years now. I created this blog as my platform for sharing my experiences and findings for things that are important to me and my family. I hope my little stories could help and inspire other parents to strive for the best for their children.