Night Routine: 8 Things To Do Before Bedtime

Night time routines can get hectic every now and then as every member of the family is home. We are all doing dinner, shower, bedtime and everything else in between during that time. On a good night, the kids will be fast asleep by 9 PM, I will share the kid’s bedtime routine in another post. For now, I will be sharing my list of things to do before my bedtime to ensure I have a smoother morning the next day.

1. Pack kids bags and chose outfits for the next day

As Luth and Ari are both going to Kindergarten and Early Intervention school now, and there isn’t much changes in their bags contents that is required for school. We don’t go through the trouble of getting them to pack it as that would be an hour worth of discussion on they contents in their Communications Book.

Hence, I would just clean up the bag and pack the necessary books into their bags. Here’s the basic list for both child.

  1. Communications book
  2. A set of outfit (in case of accidents)
  3. Water bottle
  4. Snacks

Packed bags will go on their hooks in their room for the next morning. Outfits for the next day will be hung on the hook too. These arrangement has worked well, as they no longer dig and empty their clothes drawer to end up with no clothes that they want to wear EVERY morning.

We have come to an agreement that on a non-school day, the kids are free to decide what they want to wear. We try to be accepting as much as possible for their fashion choices; though some have been hilarious.

2. Load laundry into the washing machine

Night Routine: 8 Things To Do Before Bedtime
Laundry sorted by their textures and materials. Light clothings together in a wash cycle, heavy clothings together.

I separate my wash by kids, adults, towels, bedsheets and others. I try to do one a day so as to not overwhelm the clothes drying rack. So the night before, whichever need washing the next day will be in the machine ready for their wash cycle. In the morning when it’s time to start the load of laundry, I simply switch on the machine, turn the dial to my desired setting, pop in some detergent and let the machine do the rest.

3. Clear, sweep and mop the floors

We try to clear the floor every night with the kids, but if their day hasn’t been great and they are super sensitive about everything. Then it’s straight to bed for them.

With 3 kids toys, I am not the kind of mom to sort them as I clean so my method would mainly be to go around the common areas with a bin in one hand and dump everything that doesn’t being in that space into the bin. Once the toys, drawings and such are picked up and in the bin. The whole bin goes to their study/play room untouched till the next day.

Night Routine: 8 Things To Do Before Bedtime
The infamous floor cleaning heroes of our ancestors century. Hahaha! I hope to own a floor cleaning robot soon, so as to take out this portion from the routine (though mopping will still need to be done separately).

4. Clear the countertops

My countertops were my ‘junk drawer’. It is almost impossible for me to keep it clean or clear of unnecessary stuffs. Mail, flyers, take-out menus, kids drawings, crafts. They quickly builds itself a nest that seems to continuously grow.

So I started to go through and sort them every night so as to keep the mess under control. Aside from the incoming paper mess, leftovers, dirty plates and pans gets to the fridge and sink respectively.

I would wipe the countertops clean with a soapy cloth then disinfect with the Bac-Out Toy and Surface Cleaner. Ahhh! Satisfaction.

5. Wash the Dishes and Clear the Sink

I struggle when it comes to doing the dishes cause my mentality for dishes is to wash as you go. So I expect the same to be practiced with the rest of the adults at home.

I dislike having relatively clean bowls sitting in a pot of oily, dirty water waiting to be scrubbed when it is so much easier to clean a bowl with a few breadcrumbs immediately without getting in contact with the mess in the sink. Who’s with me on this?

Anyway, it has to be done so this ranked the fifth spot of the last few activities I would work on before bedtime. Leaving the sink filled with food scraps, is just an open invitation to ants and other creepers to enter our home and set up a base camp.

Night Routine: 8 Things To Do Before Bedtime
Even food left unattended for a couple of minutes could attract ants, what more are sink with food scraps left overnight.

6. Throw out the trash

Once the countertops are cleared, dishes washed, trash would be all set to go. I would try to get my better half on this to-do item as the rubbish chute for our apartment is outside our house.

Night Routine: 8 Things To Do Before Bedtime
Domestic waste: overstuffed bin with general waste mixed together

Getting dressed to throw away a bag of trash is just too much work. While he’s comfortable throwing the trash in his t-shirt and shorts. I am grateful that he willingly take on the task.

7. List to-do list for work (draft, write, prepare, pack, etc.)

As I run a small online business, I would try to spend some time to settle orders, send out reminders for orders pending payment, list new customers that requires consultation, follow-up with existing customers, etc.

This will ensure that those that needs to be mailed out can be done so the next morning after I send the kids to school. And schedule delivery orders to be picked up in the afternoon.


WAVE is an abbreviation for “Write, Affirmation, Visualise Everyday”. I will share the details of my WAVE in another post but the main focus of the WAVE would be on what I want to achieve in the future. Either by the end of the year or in the next few years.

Good Night Love!

When all the above are set and done, rested in bed I will be. This would be my ideal night for a well rested sleep as there are nothing else outstanding that requires attention. If you would like a list of this Night Routine. Feel free to download it here.


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