Night Routine Printable Poster

Here’s my night routine checklist what I have on my kitchen wall. I printed this and have it laminated so i check them off as and when I’m done with a task.

This help get my partner to helping when he has the time. Sometime we just don’t have the time to tell them what to do. and they may not know what needs to be done around the house. So this really helps us in communicating with one another.

You can recreate a similar one that is customised to your needs. Hope this is able to better manage and organise your time and task before bed.

Night Routine Printable Poster

There is one routine that I would love to get to do every night before bed but don’e have the facilities to do it. This amazing routine is to take a BATH every night! the bath room sizes in newly built homes are just a little too small to accommodate a bath tub.

Do share with me your night routines in the comments section below. I would love to read them and maybe pick up a thing or two to add to my routine.

See you in my next post!

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