Prices for New Baby Range Products from Tasneem Naturel

Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range

For those who have been with me for the last few years would have heard of Tasneem Naturel and possibly have tried some of their products. For those who are new to Tasneem Naturel, I will link my past post on them in a bit.

Today, I would like to share about the new Baby Range of products that Tasneem Naturel will be launching this August. There are as many as 10 products that will be launching on 26th August 2019.

Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range
Introducing the 10 products in the new baby range series.

On 22nd August 2019 though, Tasneem Naturel will be offering a pre-launch promotion to those subscribers to theirs or any Tasneem Naturel telegram channel. The promotion will not be publicly announced on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or even WhatsApp. This channel has been created specially for the purpose of the pre-launching promotion. Here’s the link to the Pre-Launch Channel if you would like to get your hands on the great deals: Pre-launch Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range

In this baby range, 7 of them have previously been launched and are available for purchase at this local online store. They have been repackaged for a new baby friendly look. I am loving the new look. They have a soft and calming appeal to me.

The 7 existing products from the Baby Range are:

Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range
New looks launching on 22 Augush 2019 in the Telegram Channel.
  1. Resty Oil, previously known as Massage Oil
  2. Kalmy Lotion, previously known as Lotion
  3. Calm Bath, previously known as Head to Toe
  4. Hand Sanitiser Berry
  5. Hand Sanitiser Geranium
  6. Sleepy Pillow Mist, previously known as Sleep Pillow Mist
  7. CF Bath, previously known as CF-Rub Body Wash

For the 3 new products in the New Baby Range are the Bugs Away, Bac-Out and Kleenzy. From their names, you could probably guess what they are all about.

Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range
New products launching on 22 Augush 2019 in the Telegram Channel.

You can soon click on all the pictures below to read on what they are all about and their natural powers. Do bare with me for a day or two as I gather the information for your convenience.

Update: Information on Bac-Out contents are available. Click on the picture below.

Bugs Away

Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range - Bugs Away Insect Repellant
Buys Away is an insect repellant that is DEET free and GMO free. It is aqua-based making it safe for baby.


Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range
Bac-Out is a Toy and Surface cleaner that is safe and convenient to use.


Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range
Kleenzy is an organic bottle liquid cleaner that removes dirt and grime from the bottle and teat effortlessly.

Do join the telegram channel to get your hand on the exciting gifts. Here’s the link agin so you don’t have to look for it.

Telegram Channel : Pre-launch Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range

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