15 Things To Do At East Coast Beach

There are so many things to do at the beach. In Singapore especially there are so many recreational activities available by the beach. We had a trip to East Coast Park last weekend; we did and saw so many activities that are worth sharing.

We’ll start with the more obvious activities and count up to the mall exciting and interesting activities made available here at East Coast Park, Singapore.

  1. Sand Play
  2. Water Play
  3. Swimming
  4. Kite flying
  5. Picnic
  6. Barbecuing
  7. Camping
  8. Drawing/painting
  9. Fishing
  10. Exercising (Cycling/skating/etc.)
  11. Playground play (Swing, Rope climb, Sounds, Balancing, etc.)
  12. Kayaking
  13. Sailing
  14. Para-sailing
  15. Wake-boarding

These are the few that we experienced and saw while walking from Area E to Area C. I will add pictures and videos from the day as soon as they are done with the transfer.

What is your favourite activity at the beach? Do share in the comments below. I would love to hear about it.

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