Dangers That Lurk In A Milk Bottle

A new mom asked, “Do we really need to clean the bottle immediately after each use?”.

The response, “Yes we do. We should immediately do so. It is so important that you do it immediately after each use.”

I’m sure at some point in time we have had the thought, “There’s no harm in letting it sit in the bag for another hour or two, right? I’ll wash it when we get home.” Is there really no harm to baby for our bad habits of letting the milk residue sit?

Let’s address the why and when to clean baby’s bottle before we go into the how (on another post).

Why do we need to clean and sterilise the milk bottle?

The immune system of a baby is not fully developed yet at such young age. So they are more sensitive and vulnerable to infections and sickness. Therefore, cleanliness is very important when preparing baby’s bottle.

A well-fed baby grows to be a healthy and happy baby.


Let’s look into what lives in the bottles we give our little ones if not washed and sterilised promptly.

Dangers of a dirty milk bottle


Germs are everywhere; hands, toys, even sneezes. We often remind our children to “Wash your hands”, “Rinse the toys” or “Cover your mouth” to kept germs away; but what germs, do we parents give our children?

For not cleaning the milk bottle immediately and regularly, they may be at risk being exposed to dangerous illnesses. Germ can survive for weeks causing illnesses such as rotavirus or hepatitis A. Prompt and proper cleaning is crucial for baby’s health.


Bacteria can form from cross-contamination while handling food. Extra attention should be taken to prevent food-borne illnesses in baby. If the milk bottle has come into contact with several substances, do a thorough cleaning in between uses.

Improper cleaning may lead to food poisoning. Cleaning should be done with more than just water as it doesn’t remove unwanted nasties from the bottle. Consider an organic and natural bottle cleaner such as Kleenzy by Tasneem Naturel.

Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range - Kleenzy
Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range – Kleenzy Organic Bottle Cleanser


Gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the stomach and intestines usually due to the bacterial toxins and viral infection. Baby may experience vomiting, cramping and diarrhoea which you most definitely want to avoid this for everyone.

Dangers That Lurk In A Milk Bottle

This can be passes to baby simply with an infected person touching or coughing near baby’s bottle teat. Though it is a basic virus for adults, to a baby, it may be fatal.

Get your hands on using the Aleva Naturals, Bamboo Baby Wipes, for Pacifier & Toy to clean bottle teats and pacifiers before and after use to reduce the risk of any form of infection while out on the go.

Cleaning and Sterilising Baby's Milk Bottle
Convenient packs of wipes for cleaning pacifiers, teats and toys.

The wipes are natural and organic making them safe to use especially on items that baby touches and uses often.

Immediately is Key

As straightforward as it may be to clean baby’s bottle. A few have asked, “What is the best way though?” So I will address this question in my upcoming post.

Immediately is key as anything that is left to sit will start multiplying in bacteria count quickly than anyone can imagine. Along with a good bottle brush and bottle cleaner, clean out the milk bottles immediately after baby finish drinking.

Cleaning should always be done immediately after drinking. Sterilising should be done regularly, frequency would depend on baby’s age. Let’s build the habit to wash our baby’s bottles promptly for a happier, healthier baby.

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