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    15 Things To Do At East Coast Beach

    There are so many things to do at the beach. In Singapore especially there are so many recreational activities available by the beach. We had a trip to East Coast Park last weekend; we did and saw so many activities that are worth sharing. We’ll start with the more obvious activities and count up to the mall exciting and interesting activities made available here at East Coast Park, Singapore. Sand Play Water Play Swimming Kite flying Picnic Barbecuing Camping Drawing/painting Fishing Exercising (Cycling/skating/etc.) Playground play (Swing, Rope climb, Sounds, Balancing, etc.) Kayaking Sailing Para-sailing Wake-boarding These are the few that we experienced and saw while walking from Area E to…

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    Night Routine Printable Poster

    Here’s my night routine checklist what I have on my kitchen wall. I printed this and have it laminated so i check them off as and when I’m done with a task. This help get my partner to helping when he has the time. Sometime we just don’t have the time to tell them what to do. and they may not know what needs to be done around the house. So this really helps us in communicating with one another. You can recreate a similar one that is customised to your needs. Hope this is able to better manage and organise your time and task before bed. There is one…

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    Night Routine: 8 Things To Do Before Bedtime

    Night time routines can get hectic every now and then as every member of the family is home. We are all doing dinner, shower, bedtime and everything else in between during that time. On a good night, the kids will be fast asleep by 9 PM, I will share the kid’s bedtime routine in another post. For now, I will be sharing my list of things to do before my bedtime to ensure I have a smoother morning the next day. 1. Pack kids bags and chose outfits for the next day As Luth and Ari are both going to Kindergarten and Early Intervention school now, and there isn’t much changes…

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    Hello world!

    I am Liyana Bakar a Stay-At-Home-Working-Mom of three lovely children; Luth Ari and Ali who are 5, 4 and 3 respectively. And a wife to a great man for 6 years now. I created this blog as my platform for sharing my experiences and findings for things that are important to me and my family. I hope my little stories could help and inspire other parents to strive for the best for their children.