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    Dangers That Lurk In A Milk Bottle

    A new mom asked, “Do we really need to clean the bottle immediately after each use?”. The response, “Yes we do. We should immediately do so. It is so important that you do it immediately after each use.” I’m sure at some point in time we have had the thought, “There’s no harm in letting it sit in the bag for another hour or two, right? I’ll wash it when we get home.” Is there really no harm to baby for our bad habits of letting the milk residue sit? Let’s address the why and when to clean baby’s bottle before we go into the how (on another post). Why…

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    Prices for New Baby Range Products from Tasneem Naturel

    Woohoo!! Prices for the new baby range was just announced. As I’m not able to make it public just yet, do join the telegram link below to find out more. Pre-launch offers: https://t.me/TNSGteamemilyheart During the pre-launch there will be discounts and free gifts for every 2 items purchase. So what are you waiting for??! See you there!

  • Prices for New Baby Range Products from Tasneem Naturel

    Tasneem Naturel New Baby Range

    For those who have been with me for the last few years would have heard of Tasneem Naturel and possibly have tried some of their products. For those who are new to Tasneem Naturel, I will link my past post on them in a bit. Today, I would like to share about the new Baby Range of products that Tasneem Naturel will be launching this August. There are as many as 10 products that will be launching on 26th August 2019. On 22nd August 2019 though, Tasneem Naturel will be offering a pre-launch promotion to those subscribers to theirs or any Tasneem Naturel telegram channel. The promotion will not be…

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    Bac-Out Toy and Surface Disinfectant from Tasneem Naturel

    Toys and surfaces are often infested with germs that are not visible to our eyes. Though a soapy washcloth could do the job in getting them clean, it doesn’t disinfects. Some of you may wonder what is the difference? Why isn’t cleaning sufficient? Why do they need to be disinfected? Would they need to be sanitised? I will first share the different terms used clear up any misunderstanding. Difference Between Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitising. Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Cleaning works by using soap (or detergent) and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. This process does not necessarily kill germs, but by removing them,…